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5 Benefits of Installing a New Metal Roof


5 Benefits of Installing a New Metal Roof

Considering switching roofing materials? A metal roof may be the perfect option for your Panama City residential or commercial property. Long term durability, safety, and energy efficiency are three key factors making metal roofs so popular. Here are five benefits you can expect when you install a new metal roof on your home or business.

1. Increased Resistance to Wind

If you live in an area prone to strong winds and hurricanes, such as the Florida Panhandle, it’s important to consider what type of roofing material can stand up to the added wear and tear.  A metal roof is made up of interlocking metal panels that fit together to fully cover the roof. The secure interlocking of the panels reduces the ability of strong winds to push into the roof space. Because of this, your home or commercial business will be less susceptible to drafts and wind damage.

2. More Fire Resistant

Because metal is a non-flammable material, metal roofing can also benefit you when it comes to protecting your home from a fire. As a homeowner, you never know when a fire can happen. A metal roof can provide fire resistance for your home, reducing the risk of a fire getting out of control. Also, contrary to what many believe, a metal roof actually does not have any higher rate of lightning strikes than other roofing materials.

3. More Energy Efficient

Looking to lower your energy bill?  Metal roofing has an energy-efficient design that can help keep your home cool in summer. If you live in a hot and sunny region such as Panama City, Florida, installing a new metal roof could significantly lower the amount of money you spend on energy to run your home’s air conditioning system during those hotter seasons. Metals roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by up to 10-25%.

4. Lighter Weight

Compared to other popular roofing materials such as tile or clay, metal roofing is very lightweight. As a result, you can be sure that the structure of your home can support the weight of a new metal roof. When a very heavy roof made from other types of materials could compromise the structural integrity of your home, installing a new metal roof does not.

5. Abundance of Styles Available

One of the biggest benefits to installing a new metal roof include many new styles and colors, with options available to suit any type of home. Metal roofs now come in many stylish colors and finishes to help property owners achieve the aesthetic they are looking for. In addition, other roofing materials begin to deteriorate from the first moment of installation that affects how they look over time. Metal roofing, on the other hand, can keep a very fresh “new roof” appeal that will last long into the future.

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