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How Warm Weather Affects Flat Roofs


How does warm weather affect flat roofs in Panama City Florida


Your residential or commercial building relies on the structural soundness of your roof. When it comes to roof damage in Bay County, Florida, most owners worry about extreme winds, heavy rain, and strong hurricanes. Few regard the summer heat as a problem to their roofing. Hot summer days in Florida can negatively affect your flat roof. Here is what you need to know about warm weather and how it affects your roof.

Thermal Cycling Issues

During the summer months, the temperatures rotate between hotter and colder throughout the day and night. Flat style roofs expand and contract in these conditions. This usually leads to water penetrating the roof.


When water penetrates through the roof, this is a problem on its own. WHen you add the summer heat to the mix, it  makes it worse. When you heat that moisture under the sun all day, it can lift the felt from the roof. This will eventually lead to bubbling or blisters in the roof. Catching these blisters early is ideal so you can replace the damaged sections. However, as time goes by and more blisters develop, you would need to replace the entire roof.

Moisture Damage

We are well aware that when moisture builds up, mold and fungus can grow. When you add extreme sunlight into the mix, the high temperatures can assist the rate of mold growth. This fungus may damage flashing. If you have damaged flashing, this compromises your draining capacity.

Keep in mind, older roofs and those that endure high temperatures should have regular inspections. When you have a roofing issue, you never want to wait around for more damage to occur. In most cases, roofing problems get worse with time, whereas maintenance can be efficient and quick. With a call to A&A Roofing Company, Inc today, you can avoid turning those minor problems into major problems. Call 850-271-4199 today for a FREE quote and roof consultation today!


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